Welcome to the very first STATEMENT event!

Our mission is to create an event that empowers women in the financial industry and we’re excited to learn from this whole group about how we can best do that. Most of all, we’re PSYCHED that you’re here!



A couple small details


Wifi (most important, of course)

The network is Hunter and the password is 10111975


House notes

Please remove your shoes when entering the house and leave them in the foyer

Help yourself to food, drinks and snacks from the kitchen at any time



We would LOVE it if you would tag @statement_event in your insta stories/posts and tweets using hashtag #statementevent. Please also tag our sponsors (see below) when appropriate as their sponsorships have made this event possible.



We want to give a HUGE shout out to our main event sponsors Varo Money (@varomoney) and Empower (@empower.app on insta, @empowermeapp on twitter). And thanks to Birch Finance (@birch finance) and FairyGodBoss (@fairygodboss) for contributing to our swag bag.



2:00 PM: Arrival and lunch from the grill

4:00 PM: Official welcome and introductions


4:30 PM: Bobbi Rebell

5:00 PM: Amanda Abella

5:30 PM: Kathleen Celmins

6:00 PM: Tara Falcone

6:30 PM: Break

7:00 PM: Dinner (catered)

8:30 PM: Fireside Chat



8 AM: Breakfast


9:00 AM: Claudia Pennington

9:30 AM: Jessica Moorhouse

10:00 AM: Candice Marie

10:30 AM: Paula Pant

11:00 AM: Break

12:00 PM: Food Truck Lunch Sponsored by Varo Money (@varomoney)

2:00 PM: Departure for Kaaterskill Falls (easy, beautiful hike)

4:30 PM: Free time (Optional stop in Tannersville, NY)

6:00 PM: Dinner (catered)

8:30 PM: Fireside Chat



8 AM: Breakfast


9:00 AM: Stefanie O’Connell

9:30 AM: LaTisha Styles

10:00 AM: Kayla Sloan

10:30 AM: Paulette Perhach

11:00 AM: Kristin Wong

11:30 AM: Break

12:30 PM: Lunch (Taco bar)


1:30PM Gwen Merz

2:00PM Emma Pattee

2:30PM Paulette Perhach

3:00PM Erin Lowry

5:30 PM: Departure for Dinner at Scribner’s Sponsored by Empower (@empower.app on insta, @empowermeapp on twitter)



8 AM: Breakfast



Emma's cell is 541.531.1791 and Stefanie's cell is 203.561.9060. We're both available anytime you have concerns or questions. Pull us aside, shoot us a text, yell from across the house :) We want to make this as comfortable, insightful and relaxing as possible so please let us know what we can do.